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What is it?

The relationship between the specialist and the client, established connection and trust is a key to the effectiveness in both psychological counselling and psychotherapy. While working online, it is achieved through knowing of the set of rules, as well as observance and cooperation. Compliance with the rules and limits help create clarity and openness in a therapeutic relationship, and should prevent misunderstanding and delusion that is detrimental in remote therapy. 


The first Skype conversation is designed for a psychologist-psychotherapist to become acquainted with the client and familiarise herself with the issues client is facing, and the purpose of the referral. Meanwhile, the client aims to get to know the specialist, as well as test their own abilities and comfortableness in sharing personal information with the consultant. Before making any formal arrangements and commitments, the question client should ask himself/herself should be, did I feel heard and understood, and did I feel connected and pleasant during the first session.


For the obvious reasons, potential technical issues should be discussed between the client and consultant at the first instance. The two parties should decide how the failure in internet connection, 'crashed' sound or video quality should be tackled. To make everything easier the client will be asked to check his hardware, Skype program, audio and video transmission/reception tools before the first session. Moreover, it is advisable to choose quiet place in order to avoid any noise or disturbances from other people; thus, the client should feel comfortable to speak in any voice he feels like without any restrictions, for instance sleeping babies or anxious dogs.


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