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Counselling and therapy online



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Psychological counselling and therapy via Skype is available also in English

Psychological counselling and psychotherapy online it is not a separate method of therapy, it is the way to offer psychological help from a distance. This method of counselling becomes increasingly popular all over the world, as demand for flexible time and location increases due to rising pace of life and work. It allows client and therapist to set the best appointment time, even if it is late at night or weekends, depending on availability of both parties.


Furtherly, remote service may be useful for people living abroad or not feeling comfortable with meeting the therapist in person. This technique is highly efficient and is based on building trusting and collaborative relationship between client and the therapist. The method of remote therapy was researched and published pieces of evidence suggest the success and excellence of the approach (Edirippulige et al., 2013).


The advantages of the counselling via Skype:

  • The client has a great variety of therapists to choose from and is able to set trial consultations without any commitment for future in order to decide if he/she wants to continue therapy with the certain specialist.

  • The appointment times are flexible and depend on the common agreement between therapist and client, therefore, they can be scheduled for late evenings or weekends as long as both parties are comfortable with the arrangement.

  • The appointment does not require being at the certain location, thus it is more convenient for people with no means for transport, as well as people with physical disabilities or movement limitations.

  • Clients often feel more comfortable and relaxed in familiar surroundings leading to more open conversation and faster progress.

  • It is possible to remain anonymous, if preferred, during remote consultations and therapy sessions.

  • The sessions are possible anywhere with the internet connection, giving a chance for unscheduled or emergency conversation and help if required.

Possible limitations:

  • In case of severe psychic disturbances, deep emotional crisis, and presence of suicidal thoughts, the clinical specialist should be present in the treatment, thus online therapy should be excluded as an option.

  • The technical knowledge is required from the client, such as using computer, internet, and Skype program.

  • The technical and internet connection disturbances may occur during the online sessions, however, the re-scheduling of the session is applicable in case of such inconvenience.

  • People may find that online conversation lack of an emotional aspect of the face-to-face session. This is purely subjective, therefore, the trial sessions are offered to people with no online therapy experience. 



Does Skype use encryption?

All Skype-to-Skype voice, video, file transfers and instant messages are encrypted.


Free 20 minute trial session

If you would be interested in new therapy/consultation experience, but you do not want to commit or decide without trying, the free 20 minute trial is available, where we can discuss the main issues you feel comfortable to express, as well as further arrangements.


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