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About me

I am a clinical psychologist and psychotherapist. In 1990 I have graduated from Vilnius University with Master’s degree in Psychology, and have been practicing clinical psychology in various institutions since then. I apply psychodynamic approach working with people experiencing difficulties in solving personal problems, having issues with their relationships, communication and relatives.


I have started my professional career in Kaunas mental hospital, where I worked with mentally ill and disturbed people and gained the hands-on experience necessary for a qualified clinical psychologist. I have continued practicing as a clinical psychologist at neurorehabilitation department of KMUK (Hospital of Kaunas University of Medicine). Working with patients suffering from severe emotional and psychological traumas, I have furtherly built up my experience and skill set in working with people with various issues.


Throughout my career I have taught psychology by lecturing in major universities of Lithuania, such as VU (Vilnius University), KTU (Kaunas University of Technology), and MRU (Mykolas Romeris University). However, I have never stopped learning myself, thus in 1998 I have started training at the program of Group Analysis run by Group Analytic Institute of Norway (Oslo). I have gained the formal psychotherapist qualification in 2003, and since then took over the teaching of this course in Lithuania. 2006-2021 I worked in the program of Group Analysis at Vilnius University, where I fulfiled the role of the teacher and psychotherapist of the group, as well as a leader of the teaching committee. 2018-2021 I was a teacher in Individual psychodynamic psychotherapy training programme at Vilnius University.


Moreover, from 1994 up to 2015, I have been pioneering the treatment of addiction in Lithuania. I have participated in development of the Minnesota Model of treating addictions at addiction centres and rehabilitation centres. As well as being directly involved in patients’ treatment and support by working as psychotherapist at rehabilitation centres, and running group therapy sessions for addiction sufferers and their families.


I am still seeking new challenges and knowledge in order to enrich the pool of competence and the service I am able to offer. I often participate in various international conferences (recently, EGATIN Study Days in Budapest, Rome, Warsaw, Zagreb, Zurich, Bristol, Belgrad, Dublin; GA Symposiums in Lisabon, London, Dublin; EFPP conferences in Belgrad, Berlin; Conference for Psychotherapy in Israeli, etc.), and organize them in Lithuania.


I have been a president of Lithuanian Group Analytic Society (2010 - 2014), of which purpose is to keep the formal psychotherapists in check and up to the international standard, provide training in professional field and work ethics. From 2013 I am LGAS delegate in EGATIN, and in 2021 I was elected to be a member of  EGATIN Committee. From 2024 I am again elected as a president of LGAS. 


From the year 2015 I am providing remote counselling and psychotherapy via Skype as a new technique to help people who are unable to commit to face-to-face services for various reasons. I see this method as a new exciting opportunity for myself and people who are willing to try it.

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