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One of the most important rules and conditions in the work of a psychologist psychotherapist is to ensure confidentiality. All the information about the client who applies for assistance is protected by all means. Any use of the information without knowledge and consent of the customer conflicts with the ethics of the work of psychologist.



These are the general rules agreed upon for the psychological counseling or psychotherapeutic work. They are followed by both a psychologist psychotherapist and also client. These are arrangements for consulting time, duration, payment, announcement of possible changes, and so on.



In the year of 2000 Lithuanian Group Analytic Society was established. I have been involved in the founding of this organization and I am its member from the very beginning. Such membership requires to comply with the Society's Statutes and ethics of the professional psychologist psychotherapist, as it is described in the Code of Ethics. In the case of complaints and potential misconduct, the LGAS Ethics' Commission is considering ethics issue for its members. Thus, belonging to a professional organization helps to ensure the ethics of the professional work of a specialist.

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